Cyclus Tools Headset Spanners

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Headset spanners Workshop quality headset spanners, from 32-44mm, with plastic coating handlesFeatures:* Made from C45 Chromed steel* Steel Thickness: 4mm* Plastic coated handle* Weight : 233-290gHeadset spanner 32mm* CYT6000* Art Nr: 700065* EAN Code: 3838909172019Headset spanner 34mm* CYT6001* Art Nr: 700066* EAN Code: 3838909172026Headset spanner 36mm* CYT6002* Art Nr: 700067* EAN Code: 3838909172033Headset spanner 38mm* CYT6003* Art Nr: 700080* EAN Code: 3838909172040Headset spanner 40mm* CYT6004* Art Nr: 700085* EAN Code: 3838909261300Headset spanner 44mm* CYT6005* Art Nr: 700081* EAN Code: 3838909172057