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Knipex Wire Cable Cutters

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Steel Cable Cutters KP2100 - 9561190, KP2101 - 9562190One of the most required tools in the cycle workshop, for cutting brake and gear inner and outer cables. Professionally cut larger diameter cables up to 5mm, with cutting capacities of up to 7mm for stranded cables. The bolted joint permits continued accurate, adjustable operation. Forged cable cutters with two crimping dies for Bowden end sleeves and end caps. * KP2101 with multi component grips, for a comfortable feel* Bolted joint for precise blade guidance (adjustable)* With two crimping dies for end caps on Bowden cable sheaths and end ferrules for traction cables* Comfortable work thanks to handy, slim design and internal opening spring* Chrome vanadium heavy duty steel, forged, multistage oil hardened* High leverage for reduced effort* Cutting edge hardness approx. 64 HRC**Technical Attributes*** Article No: KP2100 - 95 61 190, KP2101 - 95 62 190* EAN: KP2100 - 4003773040651, KP2101 - 4003773071976* Head: Polished* Handles: Plastic coated, multi component grips* Dimensions: 190x60x20mm* REACH compliant: does not contain SVHC* RoHS compliant: not applicable* Cutting capacity copper cable, multi strand: 10mm* Cutting capacity copper cable, multi strand: 7.0mm* Cutting capacity copper cable, fine strand: 6.0mm* Cutting capacity wire rope: 5.0mm* Cutting capacity medium hard wire: 4.0mm* Cutting capacity piano wire: 2.5mm* Cutting capacity iron: 4mm* AWG: 8* Weight: KP2100 - 310g, KP2101 - 314g**High-Strength Steel Cable Cutters M-Grip 160mm KP2102 - 95 62 160**Includes all of the attributes of the wire cutter with additional benefits. For high strength wire ropes up to 4mm and cables up to 6mm: noticeably light, high precision cutting thanks to the unique patent pending joint design. Made for intensive use.Up to 30% less physical effort compared to the wire rope cutters of the same length. Convenient work due to the opening spring. **Compact, light and powerful.****Technical Attributes*** Article No: 95 62 160* EAN: 4003773082354* Head: Burnished* Handles: Multi component grips* Dimensions: 160 x 61 x 21 mm* REACH compliant: does not contain SVHC* RoHS compliant: not applicable* Cutting capacity copper cable, multiple stranded: 6mm* Cutting capacity for wire rope: 4mm* Weight: **175g**

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