Cyclus Tools Bottom Bracket Press For Press Fit

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Generation 2 Pressing Tool for fitting Press Fit bottom bracket cups, excluding pressing rings.

Cyclus Tools

Art.-Nr: 720318
EAN Code: 8590831240130

The Next Generation version of Cyclus' well proven pressing tool (720312), the ball bearing race part of the tool is now fixed and cannot move or fall out.

The following press rings are all currently able to be used with this press tool, but not all can be used with QR item 720939:

  • Usable with quick release art. 720939:
    • Campagnolo Ultra/Power Torque (art. 720343)
    • Sram, Truvativ, GXP (art. 720344)
    • Shimano & FSA BB (art. 720345)
    • FSA BB30 (art. 720346)
  • Not usable with quick release art. 720939:
    • Campagnolo Ultra-/Power-Torque (art. 720313)
    • Sram, Truvativ, GXP (art. 720314)
    • Shimano & FSA BB (art. 720315)
    • FSA BB30 (art. 720316)

Press rings are not included with this tool and need to be ordered separately.

Note: Make sure that the press rings are only in contact with the outer ring of the bottom bracket cups, not the bearings themselves. Pressing the cups in using the bearing surfaces can damage seals and shorten the bearing life.