Wheels Manufacturing BB86/92 Black Oxide ABEC-3 Bearings 30mm Cranks

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  • Expand your choice of cranks for use in frames with 41mm ID shells
  • Replace your bottom bracket with these dual-row flanged ABEC-3 bearings and run 30mm spindle cranks in your BB86/92 frame
  • These bearings fit directly in frames with 41mm ID bottom bracket shells
  • Crankset spindle length must be longer than 104mm when used in a 86.5mm wide bottom bracket shell
  • Complete kit for one frame Includes:2x Enduro BB86 to 30mm Dual-Row ABEC-3 Black Oxide Bearing2x 0.5mm crank spacer2x 1.0mm crank spacer2x 5.0mm crank spacer2x Dust seals