Orange Seal EnduranceSealant

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Experience ultimate tyre protection with Orange Seal Endurance Sealant. This high-performance tyre sealant is designed to deliver maximum longevity, giving you up to 120 days between top-ups, guaranteeing continuous performance and peace of mind during your cycling adventures.

Don't let the weather or rough terrains hold you back. Our Endurance Sealant performs exceptionally well down to as low as -23 degrees Celsius, ensuring your rides remain unimpeded in almost all weather conditions. It's your reliable partner for those icy winter rides.

This impressive sealant is capable of instantly sealing punctures up to 3mm, and slices up to 12mm, making it a must-have for every cycling enthusiast. Whether you're blazing through backcountry trails or gliding along city streets, Orange Seal has got your tyres covered.

Moreover, it's perfect for tyres with porous sidewalls, and it's also great for inner tubes. And, rest assured knowing that our formula is non-corrosive.

You have the convenience of choosing between an applicator injector or a refill bottle, depending on your preference. Don't miss out on experiencing this revolution in tyre protection – your wheels will thank you!

Tyre Sealant Quantities:

  • Road tyres: Use 1-2 oz per tyre
  • MTB 26: Use 3 oz per tyre
  • MTB 27.5: Use 3 oz per tyre
  • MTB 29: Use 4 oz per tyre
  • Fat Bike Tyres: Use 6-8 oz per tyre

Note: The actual amount of sealant can vary depending on the condition and type of your tyres. This is just a general guideline.

With Orange Seal Endurance Sealant, worry less, ride more!