Specialized Elastic Loop Set

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Introducing the Elastic Loop Set by Specialized, a bike enthusiast's go-to accessory for a seamless bike fitting experience. These handy loops are a crucial part of the Retül motion capture harness system, ensuring all wires stay precisely in place during bike fits. Enjoy an immaculate setup that's free of bothersome wire tangles and slips.

This set offers a diverse range of six elastic loops that aim to offer ultimate compatibility with all riders. With varying sizes available, you can find the ideal fit for securing wires on arms, calves, and wrists. Each loop exhibits flexibility, strength, and firm clasp - designed to withstand the rigors of a detailed bike setup process.

Made by Specialized, you can be confident in the quality of these elastic loops. Known for their brilliant craftsmanship and unwavering commitment to providing valuable and reliable biking accessories, Specialized continues to be a trusted name among cycling aficionados and professionals alike.

Add the Elastic Loop Set to your bike fitting tool kit and experience a hassle-free, wire-secure setup. It's more than a biker accessary, it's an investment in comfort, ease and a lean ride.


  • Made to secure Retül harness wires
  • Contains six diverse-sized loops
  • Compatible for use on arms, calves and wrists
  • Robust, flexible and secure fit
  • High-quality material to ensure durability

Fine-tune your bike fitting, boost your cycling experience and encourage a smoother ride with the Elastic Loop Set from Specialized. Order now and step up your biking game!