DMR - BRENDOG DeathGrip - Thick - Camo (A20)

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Marble Red
Royal Blue
Sick Green

Discover the unrivalled performance of the DMR - BRENDOG DeathGrip Thin, a premium mountain biking companion designed and developed by DMR Bikes in collaboration with the renowned rider, Brendan Fairclough. This remarkable grip is masterfully engineered to cater to all biking modes - from All Mountain to Downhill, amplifying your control and comfort on every ride.

Experience unparalleled security with the DeathGrip's unique, internally tapered single-lock core. This feature ensures a firm and stable grip, allowing your hands to hold on securely, even on challenging terrains and under harsh conditions.

The Waffle and Knurl design of this grip enhances your contact with the bike, offering peerless grip and control. The detailed texture acts as an anti-slip surface, guaranteeing optimal safety throughout your journey.

Comfort is paramount when you're out on your bike. That's where the DeathGrip's innovative Mushroom design comes in. This design minimises discomfort and fatigue, allowing you to enjoy longer rides without tiring your hands.

DMR - BRENDOG DeathGrip Thin isn't just about high performance but versatility too. They're available in a variety of firmness levels, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your comfort and riding style. Experience a revolution in biking control, comfort, and confidence with DMR - BRENDOG DeathGrip Thin.