Stolen Goat Womens orkaan weather-resistant ¾ length tights

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Stolen Goat Women's Orkaan Weather-Resistant ¾ Length TightsDon't let changing weather stop you from riding. With our Orkaan ¾ length tights, you can enjoy your rides all year round.Perfect for those in-between days when it's too chilly for shorts but not quite cold enough for full-length winter tights, these cycling tights provide the extra protection you need to face any weather conditions with confidence.Made from high-performing Tempest fabric, our Orkaan tights shield you from wind and rain while keeping you comfortable and breathable. The super soft Roubaix lining adds coziness, and the integrated back acts as a base layer for additional protection.In addition to keeping the wind and rain out, we've also taken care of your comfort down there. Our proprietary chamois pad, developed in Belgium alongside pro riders, is breathable, antibacterial, and offers the perfect density for long rides. It's strategically positioned to provide support where you need it, so you can stay focused on the road ahead.With our Orkaan ¾ length tights, you don't have to worry about the weather holding you back. Embrace the freedom to ride in any conditions.