Surly Nice Rack, Front Low/Highrider Style Cro-Mo. V2.0 coming soon !

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Embark on your next biking expedition with Surly's phrase-defining 'Nice Rack', a Front Low/Highrider Style rack perfect for all your touring needs. Designed with the unpredictable nature of the open road in mind, Surly's racks offer unparalleled durability and functionality, catering to most pannier types.

Constructed from tubular CroMoly steel, Surly's racks are not only sturdy but also easy to repair, ensuring you are never caught out during your adventures. Coupled with resilient stainless hardware, repairs can easily be made by any local blacksmith or handyman, should your rack ever need a touch up on the journey.

The adjustable height of the Front Rack offers both low and high pannier mounting positions. Whether you are traversing rough terrains requiring your gear to be kept high and away from harm, or on smooth paths allowing for a low, stabilising load, you have the option to adapt for optimal performance. The platform situated above the wheel provides additional room for gear, making room for all essentials during your trips.

What's more, improvements to the Front Rack's hardware have ensured simpler attachment as well as compatibility with elements such as disc calipers and fenders. An added bonus comes in the form of specific attachment plates for Surly's Uni-Crown forks, increasing fork compatibility.

Compatibility extends to disc brakes on Troll, Ogre, and Disc Trucker frames from Sulry. While disc brake shape may necessitate some work for clearance, the improved attachment plates reduce the amount of adjustments needed. If required, simple solutions such as adding a washer behind the lower left bolt where the plate attaches to the fork dropout can be implemented.

Meet the Front Rack specifications:

  • Tubing Diameter: 10mm
  • Platform Dimensions: 230 x 170mm
  • Weight : 1382g

Go the extra mile with Surly's 'Nice Rack', your go-to solution for seamless and reliable bike touring.