Squire Inigma Folding Lock Smartphone operated

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"Inigma Folding LockSmartphone operated"


Sold Secure Bronze blue tooth folding bicycle lock

The Inigma FL1 – Folding lock is a lightweight aluminium foldable lock, with a synthetic ABS coating on the links there is also little risk to your paint job.

With a total length of 800mm, it’s more than enough to get your bike locked up without the struggle of getting a D-lock around a small post and your bike. Easy to carry, it packs down into its own carrying bracket that can be attached to your bike or into its compact holster to carry in a pannier or rucksack.

An app-based locking system (IOS and Android compatible) allows you to unlock your bike without using a key or code, and it doesn’t use data to connect. The easy-to-use mechanism allows you to unlock multiple locks with the same code so it’s great for a family with multiple bikes. It also gives you the option to share your code to lend the lock to a friend without having to worry about them losing the key.

The battery life normally lasts for 5-6 months without a recharge. When it’s running low you will be alerted via a light on the lock or a notification on the app -then simply plug it in using the supplied cable to recharge.

  • Lightweight aluminium lock body with hardened steel casing
  • 5mm Hardened steel links
  • Synthetic ABS coating on links and lock body prevent damage to bicycle paintwork
  • Total length 800mm
  • Easy to carry, compact holster, carrying bracket included.
  • Lock clicks fits into holster