Squire Inigma D-Lock Bluetooth Bike Lock

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"Inigma D-LockBluetooth Bike Lock"


Bluetooth Bike Lock

GOLD Sold Secure

The first Gold sold secure Bluetooth encrypted D-lock, so you can put your mind at ease when locking your bike up in an urban or rural environment. With an armoured lock body and double shackle locking system it will give any bike thief quite a challenge.

An app based locking system (IOS and Android compatible) allows you to unlock your bike without using a key or code and it doesn’t use data to connect. Its easy-to-use design allows you to unlock multiple locks with the same code making it perfect for a family with multiple bikes. Or it allows you to share your code to lend the lock to a friend without having to worry about them losing the key.

The battery life normally lasts for 5-6 months without a recharge. When it’s running low you will be alerted via a light on the lock or a notification on the app -then simply plug it in using the supplied cable to recharge.

BL1 Features

  • Sold Secure Bicycle Gold
  • Hardened Boron Steel Shackle
  • Indicator light/wake button
  • Aluminium lock body with internal armouring
  • Release Button