Shotgun 2.0 Child Bike Seat

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The Shotgun 2.0 Child Bike Seat is a revolutionary child carrier that blends safety, convenience, and style. Designed to transport your little ones safely during your biking adventures, it's perfect for children aged 2 to 5 years, supporting a maximum weight of up to 60lb or 27kg.

This top-tier child bike seat boasts a quick-release fitting, allowing you to attach or remove the seat in less than 30 seconds. It offers supreme comfort with its adjustable footpegs, which can be positioned according to the height of your child, ensuring the seat grows with them.

Worried about your bike? The Shotgun 2.0 gets rigged to the frame, complete with full rubber protection to shield your alloy or carbon frames from any scratches or damage. It's adjustable width and angle, makes it a perfect fit for all modern mountain bikes, without the need for any modifications.

The Shotgun 2.0 Child Bike Seat also comes as a combo with the Shotgun 2.0 handlebars. Now, take your child on your biking journeys with confidence and style!


  • Designed for children 2 – 5 years (up to 60lb / 27kg)
  • Quick release fitting – on / off in under 30 seconds
  • Two footpeg positions to grow with your child
  • Frame-mounted with full rubber protection (for alloy or carbon frames)
  • Adjustable width and angle to fit all modern mountain bikes
  • No bike modification required
  • Also available as a combo with the Shotgun 2.0 handlebars