Absolute Black GRAPHENLUBE

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Yet another breakthrough from AbsoluteBLACK, introducing the world's first graphene-enhanced wax-based chain lubricant, GRAPHENlube. Showcasing unprecedented durability, prolonged low friction and commendable performance in both wet and dry conditions, this revolutionary chain oil aims to redefine your cycling experience.

Perfect for enthusiasts and professionals alike, it is an ideal choice for Road, Triathlon, Gravel, MTB, and E-bike. Proven to deliver up to 1800km in dry conditions on a single application, it is a testament to efficiency, also promising 3-10W savings compared to other lubes on the market.

Exciting Features of GRAPHENlube:

  • Unfailingly offers sub 5 Watts of frictional loss over a range of 900km post single immersive lubing session.
  • Provides 'free’ power irrespective of riding conditions.
  • Boosts the longevity of your drivetrain, resulting in cost savings.
  • Distinctive dry, paste-like black coating that can last more than 1800km after immersive lubing.
  • Safely repels water and does not attract dirt.
  • Does not contain any harmful solvents.

GRAPHENlube is more than just a lubricant. Developed after two years of continuous testing and refining, this wax-based water emulsion comes with high purity graphene additive that forms a protective layer on the metal surface and reduces friction remarkably even during extreme conditions.

Why is this significant?

Professional Tour teams are reaping the advantages. This lubricant provides 'free' power, irrespective of the conditions. Whether you are a professional or just enjoy cycling, AbsoluteBLACK's GRAPHENlube has something to offer everyone!

Note: Graphene is not graphite; its unique mechanical and tribological properties offer lower COF and higher durability. For more information, see the detailed testing and research results in the attached PDF.