2020 E-Bike Catchup

2020 E-Bike Catchup

2020 E-Bike Catchup

Electric bikes can now take you further and keep you out on your bike for longer than ever before. A power-assisted bike has the ‘power’ (mind the pun) to transform your ride and improve your fitness. On the road, this means the ability to climb quicker while expending less energy, while off-road it means more time in the saddle exploring, and on an urban bike it means a quicker, less stressful commute.

Here at Corley Cycles we stock all types of power assisted bikes mainly from Specialized and Trek, two of the most reliable brands on the market. This blog will take a look at their 2020 ranges and categorise what we have in stock by the type of bike you could ride away on.

5 reasons for having an e-bike

  1. Versatile – fit for commuting, off-roading, all day adventures, hilly road rides
  2. Improve fitness
  3. Cut back on your fuel expenses
  4. It’s good for the environment and clean air
  5. Assisted pedalling is fun, you will want to ride

Mountain bikes

The 2020 e-mountain bikes from Specialized are all marketed under the same tagline: “It’s you, only faster.” It’s all about staying in the saddle all day and riding quicker and further than ever before. The 2020 range includes the 29er Levo SL and downhill shredding Kenevo models. They both ride just like their non motor-powered siblings, but give you the kick you need to both climb that tricky hill with ease and then fly down the other side of the trail with all the confidence and control that any Specialized MTB inspires. All Specialized e-bikes then link up to the Mission Control App which puts the rider in control of power delivery and battery management.

We also stock Trek’s 2020 line of e-MTBs, including the trail smashing Bosch powered Rail, which makes mincemeat of off-road climbs and tricky descents. The e-MTBs use Trek’s Removable Integrated Battery (RIB) system which allows for the battery to be hidden within the bike’s downtube. The system can be removed without the use of tools and due to its neat integration even allows space for a water bottle cage. The 2020 Rail and Powerfly are the ideal companion for your off-road adventures if you need that added bite. 

Road/gravel bikes

Dread that local climb that’s next to impossible to summit? Good news: it’ll be made a breeze by an e-road bike and we stock the very best on the market. The Specialized Turbo Creo SL is the lightest e-road bike out there so climbs like a dream. It’s incredibly versatile too and as well as any road pursuit can easily handle any gravel adventure. Trek also has the Trek Domane LT that rides and feels just like a traditional Domane but with an extra kick from the fully integrated motor. It also comes with Trek’s bump absorbing IsoSpeed which makes for a longer and more comfortable ride. The 2020 e-road bikes that we stock are ready for any challenge you throw at them.


Urban bikes

Urban e-bikes are perfect for beginners and experienced riders alike. They make for some of the best commuter, fitness and town bikes on the market today. Commuting is made a doddle by the motor as you can beat traffic and don’t build up a sweat while you’re at it. You don’t need to have tons of fancy cycling kit to ride to work, these bikes make it a simple process. The economic benefits add up too. Save money on fuel and public transport tickets by investing in one of these models instead. Integrated perks like the in-built lights on the Trek Dual Sport and the Specialized Turbo Como’s rack go a long way towards making these 2020 models the ideal town bike. Air quality has never been more important so it’s the perfect time to use an urban e-bike.

Here at Corley Cycles, we love electric bikes and the freedom and confidence they give their rider. Come down to the store and see all our electric bikes for yourself – click here to see our revised operations.

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