Workshop now open from 8am Mondays only for bike drop off/collection

Regular maintenance is the key to the smooth running of your bike and the prolonged life of components 

Corley Cycles has a fully equipped workshop with 3 full-time mechanics. Our mechanics receive regular training to ensure that they are up-to-date with the latest equipment and components available and to ensure that your bike receives the best service each time it visits our workshop. Our mechanics deal with the highest quality equipment on the market every day.

The type of bike you ride and the amount you ride will dictate how much servicing your bike requires, but our mechanics are always on hand to offer advice and help. Our mechanics and sales staff will be able to advise you when to have your bike serviced. Remember, regular maintenance is better than roadside breakdowns and emergency fixes while you’re riding!


Services we offer

First free service

With every bike we sell, we offer you a service free of charge after about 6 weeks of use. During the first few weeks of riding the bike, everything will settle and bed in. Things like cables will stretch slightly and the bike may require some slight adjustments to help keep it running smoothly until its next service.

Booking your bike in

We aim to turn any workshop jobs around as quickly as possible; during the summer when we are busiest it may be up to 5 days, whilst during the winter it may be ready for the next day. When you drop your bike off, we will give you a collection date. A repair will be completed by 5pm on the collection date you are given. If for any reason we have to order a part or there is a delay on your repair we will contact you as soon as we know about this and keep you informed on your repair. Once your repair is complete we will phone, or if you prefer we can send you a text message, to let you know.


Bronze Service – £50 + parts *

This service is perfect for newer bikes or bikes that have lower use

  • Brakes checked and adjusted (pads replaced if required)*
  • Gears checked and setup
  • Cranks checked and torqued
  • Tyres checked and inflated
  • Headset, Stem and Handlebars checked and Torqued
  • Chain and moving parts lubed
  • If wheels need truing then additional £15 will be charged

Silver Service – £90 + parts *

Our most popular service, ideally this service should be done twice a year to keep you bike in top condition

  • Drivetrain cleaned, replaced if required and refitted (cables replaced if required) *
  • Frame cleaned and polished
  • Brakes checked and adjusted (Pads and cables replaced if required) *
  • Seatpost removed from frame, cleaned and refitted
  • Wheels trued
  • Tyres checked and inflated correctly (replaced if required) *
  • Headset, stem and handlebars checked and torqued

Gold Service – £150 includes new cables

Our top service, this is perfect at the start of the season to get your bike feeling and looking like new again or for high mileage bikes

  • Bike fully stripped to frame. Frame cleaned and polished/waxed
  • Seatpost removed from frame, cleaned and refitted
  • Headset and Bottom Bracket removed from the frame
  • Drivetrain completely removed and cleaned and refitted with new cables (parts replaced if required)*
  • Wheels cleaned, trued and serviced (bearings replaced if needed) *
  • Headset striped and cleaned (bearings replace if required) *
  • Brakes checked (new pads fitted if required) *
  • Tyres checked and inflated correctly (replaced if required) *
  • New cables fitted *

MTB Full Rebuild £180 includes cables 

Same as Gold Service but including

  • Rear air can service
  • Full pivot service – this may include parts if needed *
  • Brakes stripped, serviced, rebuilt and bleed *

Childrens Bike Service

  • Childrens bike geared service – £30
  • Childrens bike singlespeed service – £20

Bike Build

  • MTB full build – £130
  • Road bike full build – £120
  • Road bike Di2 full build – £120
  • TT bike full build – £130

Other services

  • Gear Service – £25 – £30
  • New tube fitted – £7 + tube
  • True wheels – £15 – £20 per wheel
  • Wheel build – £30
  • Pivot Service – £60
  • Brake Bleed/Service – £25
  • Di2 Firmware update – £15
  • Headset/BB fitting – £15, £25 if chainset or forks fitted
  • Tubular fitting Road – £30 per tub
  • Tubular fitting Cyclocross Glued – £50 per tub

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or turnaround times by:

Phone: 01908 311424


*  these parts may incur an additional charge