Super fast bikes need super fast brakes right?


I love aerodynamics. If you can work your position, equipment and clothing together aerodynamically then you can enjoy the benefits of less effort for the same speed – or even more speed for the same power output. Which is great. However when you are so super speedy it helps to have great braking to bring you back from warp speed to approach speed. So are disc brakes the answer?

To test this I rode a rim brake world class aero bike back to back with the Specialized Venge ViAS Expert Disc. Both bikes were Ultegra equipped, aerodynamically advanced, race proven machines.

The Venge ViAS is a speed weapon with no compromise to going fast – immediate power transfer and super responsive. A very stiff frame provides all the road feedback and cornering information you need when in a race situation which is the prime purpose of the bike. Easy to get up to speed and to maintain that speed efficiently, the Venge ViAS covers the ground very rapidly.

Disc brakes therefore make sense on such a quick bike – superb modulation and stopping power allow for better control and to carry more speed whilst cornering (which this frame certainly handles extremely well). Lighter lever pressures are required for full braking leaving your hands more relaxed to control the very direct and highly responsive front end.

The Shimano Ultegra delivered faultless shifting as usual and the integrated hydraulics within the levers didn’t distract form the regular fit and feel of the mechanical levers.

So overall a superbly fast, responsive race bike for full gas all the time riders. The disc brakes may take a few rides to adapt rider behaviour, but will provide fantastic braking whatever the weather. A true racing machine equipped to perform brilliantly.