Lightweight Urgestalt Disc Frameset

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It’s easy: with URGESTALT, the first frame from Lightweight. Our aim was to create a perfectly matched chassis. With a frame design optimised for a consummate flow of power and a unique cycling experience. What we wanted was a symbiosis of frame and wheels that had never been achieved before – neither from the technological nor from the aesthetic standpoint. In short: a frame with more passion for more passion. With outstanding rigidity values, so that your energy can flow without loss through our new chassis system – and be transferred directly to the road. You can feel and experience this uninterrupted flow of force. With optimum agility, precision, safety and of course, an incomparably pleasurable ride.

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The origin of CarbonSports GmbH can be traced back to the Total Eclipse carbon frame. The company was founded in 2002 with its creation. Today, as wheel specialists, we are returning to our roots a little more than 10 years later. Every year as we test our wheel prototypes with a wide variety of frames, we ask ourselves how we at Lightweight would construct a frame that reflects our uniqueness.

We want to distinguish ourselves from other frame manufacturers and offer our customers a unique product that is truly different from anything currently on the market. The idea is to achieve perfect integration by modifying and optimally matching the frame to our wheels both technically and visually. The Lightweight design facilitates optimum power transmission, with a chassis that allows your power to flow through the frame and into the wheels with no losses, coupled with our passion for precision, agility, design, safety and exclusivity. This was precisely what we worked to achieve as a development team.

The result is the URGESTALT (“primordial form”) – a name that speaks for itself. URGESTALT is the pure embodiment of Lightweight wheels, offering very high rigidity, low weight and an incomparably pleasurable ride. Unique geometry and tube cross-sections allow extremely lightweight construction with excellent stiffness-to-weight ratios.

Together with our wheels, URGESTALT is thus ideally suited to become the fastest FAHRWERK system for ambitious recreational cyclists and racers alike, because the frame has the same DNA as our wheelsets. That was one of our primary development goals.

While drawing up the specifications for URGESTALT, we quickly realized that with production in Germany, the price of the product would only be attractive to a very limited target group. It would be simply too costly to have the frame handmade in Germany. And in contrast to wheels, Asian companies have had leading expertise for more than a decade when it comes to high-quality carbon frames. And so together with a trusted partner of many years, we visited several companies there and ultimately found what we were seeking. We found a company that meets all our quality specifications, and produces to the highest standards and under very good conditions, which is very important to Lightweight and to the head of the company, Erhard Wissler, in particular. On the basis of existing Asian expertise in the production of high-end frames, we moved ahead with development together with our partner. In Friedrichshafen, we develop and manufacture sophisticated fiber structures for the aerospace industry to the highest quality assurance standards. This knowledge flows into the development of our wheels and now also into the URGESTALT product. We have optimized all processes and created a Lightweight product that meets our expectations and standards.

We place particular value on consistent inspection and quality assurance, an area where Lightweight makes no compromises: everything is inspected, and everything undergoes quality assurance, both in Asia and here in Germany. We test all components in our factory in Germany before delivery to customers. The data is stored in our database under the serial numbers, which can also help us analyze accident damage in the future. In addition, all components are subjected to comprehensive testing by EFBe Prüftechnik GmbH, an independent institute for stress testing.

A further major aspect was the design. The design of our entire range is perfectly coordinated, underscoring the exclusivity of our products. With URGESTALT and our components, the entire race bike becomes a genuine designer article. That is truly unique.

The frameset comprises the frame, the fork, the saddle post and the headset, plus accessories for installation of the various groupsets. In combination with our wheels and components, URGESTALT provides the basis for what is perhaps the best racing bike in the world.

Also available for URGESTALT: the Lightweight registration program as tried and tested and with many service benefits. Your Lightweight team

The following accessories are included in the delivery of the URGESTALT DISC:

thru axle
carbon spacers
clamp for seat post
clamp for seat post
RD hanger for Urgestalt frame
owner’s manual


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