Endura Women’s Pro SL Bibshort DS Review


Why did I want to try?


I cannot say I have been kept of the bike, but I haven’t been entirely comfortable either in longer rides.

The process of deciding which size short I need is as straight forward as choosing any other item of clothing – it needs to fit and well!

When it comes to choosing which size chamois it can be as straightforward as reading the guidelines on the packaging that relate chamois width to saddle width.

However, I was lucky enough to have a more careful method of choosing a chamois size. I was offered the use of a bespoke saddle pressure mapping pad developed by gebioMized in conjunction with Endura along with the expertise of Rich Connor our bike fitter. This pad maps clearly where pressure is being felt most according to your ride position and makes a chamois size recommendation accordingly. I recently had a bike fit and so was happy with the position on the bike and so any improvement would be the result of the shorts!

To get baseline measurements on the system I initially rode in an unpadded short and then tried the Endura Pro SL short for the next session. Instantly I felt more comfortable but was sceptical that it might be a placebo effect. It wasn’t. The pressure map across the saddle backed up my newly found increased comfort!

I then swapped to my previous “favourite” shorts and found they came a close second but not as comfortable as the Endura Pro SL.

A solid 30+ mile ride the following morning confirmed the initial findings – the first time I have finished a ride with no discomfort at all for a long time.

The extra bonus with these shorts is the drop seat utilising a zip at the back of the shorts. I was again sceptical about this but have tried it out a few times and it works! A great feature that will certainly get used when I am stuck up the Croix de Fer watching the Tour de France next week!

In summary:

Extremely comfortable size specific chamois giving support precisely where needed to ensure a pain free ride.

High quality materials used throughout ensuring a superb fit, with muscular support and CoolBlack technology to keep you cooler on hot rides.

Drop seat with high quality zip allowing easy comfort breaks.

Finally, there is a 90-day comfort guarantee!


Sue Skeggs