QN Power Testing

Functional Threshold Power Testing and Coaching now available via Corley Cycles and QN Coaching



We are proud to announce that we have a new partnership with QN Coaching that can provide power testing, coaching plans, pedal efficiency analysis, triathlon coaching and more.

A powermeter is only of any use if  you know what the data it provides means in relation to you and your goals.


Whether you road race, time trial, ride sportifs or compete in triathlons, then we can help your riding become more competitive.



If you are a mature age group rider or have limited training time available then training programmes can be developed to help specifically with your circumstances.


Learn how to use your power and HR thresholds to improve your training. Measure your improvements in your power, efficiency and race times.

Please contact us to book your power test 01908311424

or click here to email us shop@corleycycles.com

QN = Quality Numbers