Performance Centre

Within Corley Cycles we now have our very own Performance Centre.

Along with our Body Geometry bike fit studio and Cranklab we can now offer you the complete performance package. Cranklab is able to provide testing and analysis which will give you valueable insight into your training, allowing you to effectively work towards your cycling goals.
The laboratory is equipped with state of the art performance equipment, guaranteeing accuracy in testing power, blood lactate and body composition.

CrankLab Pedal Action


Body Composition Test – £20

Many training or exercise programmes are designed solely to modify body composition or size in some way. It is therefore important to calculate and track progress. At Cranklab, we use medical grade weighing, height and skinfold callipers and carefully selected equations to accurately calculate body fat percentage and BMI, helping you to accomplish your individual goals.

Ramp Test – £79

A ramp test is an incremental power test that increases the power load (watts) at the end of every minute. It is designed to determine your aerobic capacity, maximum minute power and maximum heart rate. The test uses a similar protocol to the Lactate Threshold Test, however, instead of analysing blood lactate, the response of heart rate to the exercise is used to determine heart rate and power training zones.

Functional Threshold Test (FTP) – £79

The time trial is often referred to as “the race of truth” because tactical decisions and drafting are not important; the mission is simply to cover the prescribed distance in the shortest time possible. Functional threshold is defined as the maximum amount of power (watts) you can sustain throughout a one hour effort, thus important for being able to pace your efforts for maximal performance during a time trial or triathlon. The functional threshold test compromises of 20 minute time trial in a carefully controlled environment from which functional threshold can be predicted, and pacing strategies can be calculated.

Lactate Threshold Test – £99 single test

Blood lactate thresholds are a powerful and accurate predictor of endurance performance, setting training zones and an indicator of training adaptation. The lactate threshold test is suitable for any type of cyclist; whether you’re a serious racer, sportive rider or if you’re just looking to get in shape. The test compromises of an incremental test with power load increasing at the end of every third minute until volatile exhaustion. Blood lactate is analysed to prescribe training zones relative to heart rate and power, as well as ultimately indicating improvement of performance and highlighting weakness.