As a result of losing a few excess kilograms I found that most of my existing bib shorts were now too large and with the weather turning warmer I needed some new bibs for the longer rides. I first bought a pair of Assos T.Mille S5 bib shorts over 8 years ago and have found them to immensely comfortable, very durable and still working well. But I now prefer a more compressive fit so bought the Assos T.Équipe S7 bib shorts.

A very tailored fit combined with a fabric that has a mid-level of compression creates a great fitting and muscle supporting short. The leg length is spot on with a discrete gripper band at the cuff that keeps the shorts leg firmly in place yet doesn’t squeeze tight around the thigh. A fairly low cut to the front of the torso makes for easy comfort stops. The wide flat braces are attached to the front of the shorts with a much wider spacing than many others and so relieving any pressure across the abdomen. The flat braces are very comfortable across the shoulders too.

The single most important feature on any shorts is the chamois and here Assos have used all of the many years of developmental knowledge to create a masterpiece. Incorporating 8mm memory foam in different layers and a waffle/dimpled construction the pad is anatomically sculpted in a 3D manner so that the different areas map to the body and have the optimal pad thickness and density where necessary. The microfiber top sheet pulls moisture away from the skin for extra comfort. However these wouldn’t be an Assos product without a key design feature and signature name – Goldengate. By interrupting the stitching at the sides of the chamois and so having attachment to the shorts only at the front and rear, chafing is virtually eliminated as the pad and shorts can move independently of each other.

So the pad is supremely comfortable, the short legs are supportive and cut just right and the braces disappear once on. The perfect bib shorts have just been found…